About MediaTalks

MediaTalks is a bilingual website born in September 2020.

We share news, trends, issues and best practices on journalism, digital platforms, information and disinformation.

In May 2021 MediaTalks became UOL content parnter. UOL is the largest content provided in Latin America.  Our content appears in Media/Marketing, Technology, International and News UOL's sections.

MediaTalks was created by Journalistas&Cia (Journalists&Co), a recognised Brazilian editorial house founded 25 years ago, that specialises in publications, events and awards targeted to journalists and communications professionals.

It is headed from London by Chief Editor and Co-founder Luciana Gurgel.

MediaTalks is made by journalists, but it's not only for journalists, as information and disinformation affects the whole society.

We are proud to have the endorsement of the main Brazilian news and media organisations in the sector:

ABI-Brazilian Association of Journalism

ANJ - Brazilian Association of Newspapers

ANER - National Association of Magazine Publishers

ABRAJI (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism)

Projor (Observatório da Imprensa)

MediaTalks has an editorial agreement with the Knight Center of Journalism for the Americas, sharing content related to Brazil and Latin America with our readers in Portuguese and English.

We are also affiliated to Covering Climate Now, a coalition of more than 400 media outlets that collaborates with journalists and newsrooms to increase and improve climate change coverage.